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Welcome to the ASA Educator Resource Site!

This is where the lessons developed for the ASA Teacher Activity Kit can be found. Find out more and order a kit by clicking the button below. The kit is free for K-12 applications!

Lessons are divided into three main categories: Physical Science, Physics, and Lower Elementary. Some Lessons are listed in multiple categories.

Click here for a list of all the lesson plans with brief descriptions or search for lessons by key words, science topics, process skills, or grade level.

Many lessons can be used for most grades, however, we do not recommend using the same activity at multiple levels. An activity should only be used once with students; the next time they see the same activity and materials they tend to disengage because they “already know this” or “already did this in Mr. So-and-So’s class!”

Supplemental materials such as learning process skills definitions and background readings can be found here. For access to video demonstrations, please order a kit.