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Many of these lessons are modified versions of the fully tested and reviewed middle and high school lessons. They have been modified by an elementary teacher for the lower elementary grades. There are also some lessons from the Dangerous Decibels Resource Guide in this grade range. It’s also worth noting that many of the lessons for Physical Science and Physics are also appropriate for younger students.


Good Vibrations

Interactive lesson demonstrating the connection between sound and vibrations. Developed by Dangerous Decibels.


Loud Sounds Bookmarks

Two sided full color bookmarks show sound level for certain sound and safe exposure times for different levels. Materials developed by Dangerous Decibels.


Loud Sounds Coloring Sheets

Students color four sheets that remind them how to avoid loud sounds. Materials developed by Dangerous Decibels.


Echolocation Unit

Speed of Sound: Students will explore what it feels like to find objects without sight by playing a game modeled after dolphin’s food-finding behavior.

Fish Finding GameIn this activity students experience the delay for sound to reach them when they know a noise has been made

Sound not Sight: In this activity students explore the idea of how it feels to use sound only to locate objects.

3D Location: Students experience having to search for objects above and below them, rather than only side-to-side, similar to how bats and dolphins find food.

How Dolphins use SoundThis activity is a visual, class or group discussion version of the Echolocation and SONAR homework found in the physical science section. The reading from that activity has been put into a visual power point with student questions placed at key points.